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Have Questions? See some of the most commonly asked questions below.
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When can my child enroll?

Kinderdance programs offer year round open enrollment.  Occasionally there is a waiting list if a class is full.  However, notifications will be made when space is available for new students.

What should my child wear in class?

For your child’s safety and comfort, we require the proper footwear and movement wear to be worn during class.  Your teacher will have information pertaining to your child’s program’s needs.

How often are the classes?

Typically, each class is held once a week at the designated time scheduled.  If a make-up class is needed, parents will be notified of the date.

How do I pay my monthly tuition?

Check with your teacher to see which option is best for your location.  Some offer online payment services while others prefer a check.

Where do I register my child?

Utilize a program Registration form or Brochures are available to fill out and return with your first month’s payment and registration fee.  Or you may fill out the online registration form, which will be directed towards the appropriate franchisee.

Does my child participate in a recital?

A YEAR END DEMONSTRATION is offered for parents and families to see what their child has learned through the programs.  This low key performance is designed to allow children to be in a comfort environment where they have been learning all season.  The focus is on them without all the scary chaos!  Families will have the joy of seeing their child demonstrate their accomplishments at a convenient time.  No need to prepare for a 4 hour recital!  Most are 20-30 minutes per group.